Solar & Net Metering

Peninsula Light supports the adoption of renewable energy production on the Peninsulas. For interconnections to our system please visit our Net Metering and Renewable Credit page.

Net Meter with Penlight

Incentives may be available from Washington State for qualified systems.

Electricity produced from solar energy systems that are installed on members’ homes and businesses is a growing resource that is being utilized in our neighborhoods.

To demonstrate the viability of these systems, we have installed a 4-kilowatt system on our warehouse, assisted with the installation of a 5-kilowatt system owned by non-profit organizations at the Key Peninsula Civic Center in Vaughn, and sponsored a community member-owned, 60-kilowatt system on the Harbor History Museum in downtown Gig Harbor.

We want our members to be informed and have as much information regarding energy related topics as possible. As your trusted energy advisor, PenLight recommends anyone interested in solar to utilize our Solar Energy Guide (PDF).

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