Board of Directors

PenLight is locally governed by a Board of 9 Directors whose duty it is to set policy and strategic direction. The Board has 12 scheduled monthly meetings and an annual 2-day strategic planning retreat. The Board holds an Annual Membership Meeting on the first Monday in May, which is open to attendance by all co-op members.

Board members are elected from the cooperative membership at large to serve 3-year terms. These terms are staggered so that 3 positions are up for election each year. After being elected, board members have 2 years in which to obtain a “Credentialed Cooperative Director” certification. This training program includes 5 classes that are taken through the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA).

For its Board of Director positions PenLight seeks leaders with the following characteristics:

1. Proven community engagement with broad interests.
2. High integrity and maturity.
3. Effective communication skills.
4. Ability to exercise sound and logical reasoning.
5. Ability to support the decisions and actions determined by a majority of the Board.
6. Ability to work collaboratively with others on the Board
7. Ability to represent the total cooperative membership on an impartial basis.
8. Initiative to increase member and broader public’s understanding and support of the cooperative.

Key responsibilities of the Board of Directors include:
1. Embracing company objectives.
2. Supporting the company’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policies.
3. Fostering and maintaining the cooperative’s reputation for fair dealing, prompt and dependable service, integrity, courtesy, productive ability, and technical competence.
4. Cultivating the cooperative’s image as a good citizen in the community; encouraging employees and directors to take an active part in making it a better place to live.
5. Providing direction and review of the Board’s sole employee, the Chief Executive Officer.
6. Cooperating with similar utilities and industries for mutual betterment.
7. Advancing the cooperative principles: non-profit operation; member ownership and control; and one member – one vote.

For more information on the Role and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors see Article III and Policy 7
As part of a member-owned cooperative, you have the opportunity to help run your co-op by voting for your Board of Directors every year.

Become a Board Member

National Rural Electric Co-op Association Board Certifications:
● CCD: Credentialed Cooperative Director (must obtain within 2 years of becoming a Board Member)
● BLC: Board Leadership Certificate
● DGC: Director Gold Credential