Commitment to Community Service

Would you like PenLight to consider a contribution to your group or activity? Submit our Request Form (PDF) via email to PenLight.

All of us at PenLight are grateful to live and work in a great community with good neighbors and so much natural beauty. That’s why we strive to do our part in helping make the Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula area an even better place to be. You’ll see PenLight employees volunteering on little league fields, organizing and participating in blood drives, supporting our local schools, and working to help the less fortunate. We also partner with local organizations to further support our community.

As a locally-owned, non-profit cooperative (directed by elected representatives from our community), we have your interests in mind. The following list shows some of the many ways we have chosen to get involved. We encourage all of our neighbors to support our community too.

Great Causes That PenLight Has Supported

Maritime Gig Parade & Event (2000 to Present)

Gig's Harbor annual Maritime ParadePLC is a continuous sponsor of Gig Harbor’s annual Maritime Gig Parade and celebration.

Heroes Program (1998 to Present)

PenLight helps the elderly through referral and outreach services.

High School Scholarships (1998 to Present)

3 women in the cancer relay for lifeEach year, PLC provides three local high schools (Gig Harbor High, Henderson Bay High and Peninsula High) with a $2,000 scholarship each.

Peninsula School District Foundation (1998 to Present)

PenLight contributes annually to the PSD Education Foundation.

A man conducting a safety demonstrationSafety Education

For years, PenLight Journeyman Linemen have conducted safety education demonstrations at local elementary schools.

Gig Harbor & Key Peninsula Little League Programs (1997 to Present)

Each year, PenLight sponsors the Gig Harbor and KPLL baseball teams. PenLight helped to build the new Gig Harbor ball field, including light poles, power, and use of the land that used to serve as our pole yard.  PenLight also pays for the electrical for the KPLL ball field.

KGHP Radio Station (1996 to Present)

PenLight has worked with the Peninsula School District to establish, implement, and fund this student-run station. The station is also used as an emergency broadcasting center for PenLight (we have broadcast facilities on-site). Members can tune in during severe outages, storms or disasters for updates.