Voices for Cooperative Power

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Voices for Cooperative Power (VCP) is the grassroots arm of NRECA. Together, rural electric cooperatives provide electricity to more than 42 million Americans across 48 states. Co-op members have a unique perspective on energy policy. Make your voice heard today!

Join PenLight in the effort to educate our members about the issues that face our electric cooperative. Members of Voices for Cooperative Power (VCP) work together to influence elected officials as they make important federal and state policy decisions that impact electric co-ops and their consumer-members. Our experiences and the ways we use energy are unique. VCP members come together to communicate this perspective and protect the ability of our co-ops to deliver affordable, reliable services to our communities.

Voices for Cooperative Power is Helping Shape Policy Decisions That Impact Electric Co-ops

Electric co-ops play a special role in the fabric of our energy infrastructure. As not-for-profit energy providers owned by their members, our co-ops are responsive to our communities in ways that larger utility companies can’t match.

 Current Issues

The policy decisions being made today disproportionately reflect the interests of large utility companies in urban areas. Electric co-ops are built and run differently. As members and owners, we understand the distinct local challenges we face, and are uniquely responsive to our communities in ways that other utilities are not.

Our perspectives are important and deserve to be heard. United behind common priority issue areas, VCP members are working together to amplify the voices of electric co-op members across the country.

Reliable, Affordable, Responsible Power

Access to reliable, affordable, and responsible power is the foundation of economic opportunity. Our co-ops know how to best serve local communities.

Supporting Co-op Communities

From keeping the lights on to helping members in need and supporting local businesses, concern for community is a cornerstone of co-op efforts.

Building for the Future

Electric co-ops are leading efforts to implement futuristic solutions for the rural communities they call home.

Environmental Stewardship

Co-ops are taking meaningful steps to promote environmental stewardship. They work hard to protect the land, water, and air in the communities they serve.

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