Water Services

Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula contain hundreds of independent water systems of various sizes. When PenLight recognized this posed a quality of life issue for its members, a Water Services department was created to address that need.

Water Quality

Water quality is a real concern for our growing community as state and county agencies add new requirements for water testing. Water Services can provide a complete analysis of your water, identifying any possible microbial or chemical contaminants. If necessary, we can disinfect your water source and implement other water protection strategies.

Preventative Maintenance

Identifying possible system failures in advance saves money and prevents major inconvenience to you and your users. Our technicians can service all the components of your system, including mechanical, electrical and distribution to assure its reliability and efficiency.

System Efficiency

Properly calibrated pumps and pressure tanks save electricity and reduce wear on your system caused from excessive starts and stops. Annual flushing of your system prevents stagnant water and scale buildup in your tanks and pipes. We can also adjust your pressure setting if needed.


Learn more about Water Conservation and tips for saving water. For more information or to request services, call PenLight Water Services at (253) 853-1357.

Water Conservation (PNG)