Marc Jorgenson



Mr. Jorgenson has served as a PenLight Board Member since 1996, has served three terms as Board President, and is currently Chairs the Finance and Audit Committee. Marc has lived in Gig Harbor since 1965 and is a graduate of Peninsula High School and Pacific Lutheran University. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the Gig Harbor firm of Ryan Jorgenson & Limoli. As a CPA, the advice he provides to hundreds of individuals and small- to mid-sized businesses on tax and accounting issues provides valuable academic and practical insight into PenLight’s financial issues.He has served on several community and local non-profit Boards, including the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Boating Advisory Council, and the Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society. He is a member of the Gig Harbor Rotary Club and the Gig Harbor Yacht Club.  He and his wife Marilyn enjoy sailing on Puget Sound and working on home projects.

Marc believes that a financially strong, well-managed electric utility is essential to the quality of life in our area. Reliable electrical power and quality member service, delivered at a reasonable and stable price are and should remain the focus of PenLight. The Board’s oversight of a quality management team and strong financial controls has allowed the company to keep its rates flat in a steadily increasing cost environment.