Interested in Solar? Let’s Talk!

Peninsula Light Company is committed to helping our members find affordable, reliable, and safe energy options.

Q: Is rooftop solar a good option for me?

A: Maybe.

How much you might benefit from a residential solar array depends on:

  • How much you pay for electricity
  • How much energy you use
  • Your roof
  • State and local incentives for solar development
  • Your rooftop solar provider

Q: Is my house suitable for a rooftop solar array?

A: Maybe.

  • Does your roof face south or west and is it shaded?
  • Will you need to replace your roof sometime during the life of the panels? If so, you should replace your roof first.
  • Have you explored all of your energy efficiency options? (It doesn’t make sense to purchase more solar than you need!) We can help you reduce your energy use and right-size your array.
  • Does your community have restrictions?

Q: Will solar panels provide electricity in the event of an outage?

A: No.

Without a battery system and a “smart inverter,” most rooftop arrays do not provide power during outages. To learn about PenLight’s requirements to connecting solar to the grid visit

Q: What should I know before I sign a contract?

A: If you are purchasing a rooftop solar array, be sure to ask:

  • What is the total installed (turnkey) cost of the system?
  • What is the payback period? What are the assumptions underlying that estimate?
  • Will I need to finance the array?
  • Who gets the tax credits (the “renewable energy credit”)?
  • Will I receive “free” electricity once panels are paid for?
  • Does the company offer warranties on panels AND inverters?
  • What are the details of the service contract?

A: If you are leasing panels in a rooftop array, be sure to ask :

  • What is the upfront cost of the system?
  • Are there other customers in the vicinity with comparable systems
  • How much electricity are their systems producing?
  • Who gets the tax benefit (the “renewable energy credit”)
  • Can the lease be transferred if I sell the house?
  • Does the lease company have the right to run a credit check?

Q: As a consumer, how can I protect myself and my investment?

A: Research.

When you make the decision to invest in residential solar, you are making a significant financial investment. Be sure to do your research on the company.

  • Are the installers North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electric trained and certified?
  • When was your company established and how much solar has it installed to date?
  • Can your company provide a list of the projects and references for them?
  • Are you accredited with the Better Business Bureau? If so, what is your rating?

Have more questions? Call us at (253) 857-5950 or shoot us an email! Visit our Net Metering and Renewable Credit page.