Energy Independence Act-Conservation & Renewable Report

PenLight is required to submit a report annually to the Department of Commerce detailing its achievements to meet conservation targets and renewable energy requirements for Washington State’s Energy Independence Act.

The Energy Independence Act, or Initiative 937, was passed by Washington state voters in 2006. The act requires electric utilities that serve 25,000 or more customers to achieve energy conservation targets and obtain 15% of their electricity from renewable resources.

The conservation report summarizes the energy-efficiency savings Peninsula Light achieved via the programs offered to members.

These programs included member installations of heat pump water heaters, high-efficiency heat pumps, smart thermostats, LED lighting, and commercial building HVAC and lighting improvements.

The renewable energy report details the renewable energy credits Peninsula Light used to meet its renewable energy requirement. RECs were used from Harvest Wind—a wind project between Peninsula Light and three other utilities—and other regional wind projects.

Once Department of Commerce reviews the utility reports and aggregates the data, Peninsula Light will post its report on its website. Look for it on our Power Resources page.