Meter Upgrade Project

How will PenLight protect my privacy?

No customer-identifying data – such as names and addresses – is stored in the meters or transmitted across the network.

Just like the current meters, the upgraded meters will simply collect how much energy is being used. The meters encrypt energy use information to ensure privacy, and transmit it to us over a wireless network with multiple layers of security.

Are the upgraded meters safe?

Yes, these meters are subject to rigorous, advanced testing. PenLight ensures that the meters meet industry safety standards and are of no issue to your safety or health.

Can I choose not to have an upgraded meter?

All of our members’ homes and businesses should be equipped with upgraded meters. The efficiency of our billing and electrical system operations depend upon the instantaneous exchange of information, so all parts of our system must be integrated. Leaving existing meters in place would create “holes” in our system and would drive up costs.

How will my bill be affected?

The only change you will see on your bill is the last read from your old meter, and a new read from the new meter, once installed. Like any new equipment, the upgraded meters will be more efficient due to modern technology.

Will I have to pay a fee to get my upgraded meter installed?

No, there is no fee for the installation of a new meter. If any repairs or improvements need to be made to equipment or your current meter, fees may be applied – this will be on a case by case basis and PenLight will make any repairs within our jurisdiction to limit/avoid any costs to members.