How can I get involved to help keep the rates low?

PenLight encourages its members to write their members of Congress about how electric rates are impacting their family budget or business. You may also want to join PenLight’s Ambassador Program, which is a grassroots effort to influence state and federal policies that impact electric rates.

Can I receive wood chips from the tree crews?

Yes. Presently, there is a high demand for wood chips to be left on homeowners’ properties. You can ask to be put on a permanent chip list so that every three to four years, when the crews are in your area, you can get them dumped at your property. In order to apply for a permit for a wood chip debris site, call 253-857-5950, ext. 571, and a form will be sent to you.

I have a tree that is leaning toward the power lines. Will you remove it for me?

Peninsula Light Company’s contracted tree crews trim and remove trees within the 10-foot radius of the power lines. If a homeowner needs to remove a tree that is outside the 10-foot area, a determination will be made by the Staff Certified Arborist on a safe removal plan. Most trees outside the 10-foot area can be safely removed by a qualified tree service. If not, a line drop may be necessary.

My trees are getting close to the power lines, can I get them trimmed?

Trees are trimmed so they do not interrupt safe, reliable service to customers. During normal tree-maintenance operations, trees are trimmed so they will not interrupt normal service within 3 to 4 years. Trees under the power lines such as locust, cherry and maple are removed when they’re young because they are fast growers and do not make the normal trim cycle.

I only have partial power, what do I do?

If you notice that you’re having problems with your appliances (microwave, oven, TV or furnaces are the most common), or you’ve lost power to part of your house, turn your main breaker off and call our Member Services at (253) 857-5950 for further assistance.

I would like to request a cable locate.

Peninsula Light Company subcontracts the locating of our underground power lines. In order for the contractor to be notified that a cable locate is needed, you must call the Utilities Underground Location Center (also known as Call Before You Dig) at 811. This is a free service to the public, but state law requires two business days notice (48 hours).

No-cost locates can be requested for PenLight owned underground power lines and vaults. However, PenLight does not provide locates for member owned services on private property, or for any facilities located beyond the member’s meter base.