Altered Service can include converting your overhead line to underground, relocating your service (e.g., as part of a remodel or expansion of your structure), or upgrading your service (such as increasing the capacity of your service).  As you alter your existing service we will work with your schedule to minimize your time without power.

Prior to energizing services, PenLight requires that:

  • all fees are paid in full, with
  • an L&I permit, inspection, and verification of L&I compliance.


If the existing service you are altering is overhead, you’ll be required to underground the service (some electrical contractors may not be aware of this). Engineering Services can help you ensure proper installation. As part of our aggressive program to convert single phase services to underground, we will provide the conduit and cable free of charge (you will still be charged the necessary fees to disconnect and reconnect your service).

Upgrading Your Service

Should your power needs grow beyond your current service capacity, Engineering Services can help you upgrade your service (for example, increasing a 125 amp service to 200 amp, or a 200 amp to 320 amp).