Electric Vehicles and Bikes

Posted: February 6, 2020, 11:40 am
electric vehicle and electric bicycle
Photo credit: Jim and Vivian Bellamy

At the direction of PenLight’s Board of Directors, PenLight is working to become our members’ trusted advisor on electrical vehicles and similar technology. PenLight members are taking advantage of myriad low-cost, reliable energy services. Jim and Vivian Bellamy from Vaughn shared their experiences with us.

“We are so glad we bought an EV, and I won’t be buying a vehicle from now on unless it has a plug,” Jim says. “We enjoy the simplicity, blistering acceleration, decent range, and—the thing is—there is virtually no maintenance on an electric car. So the cost of ownership is very low. We typically see 250 to 275 miles of range, and that totally exceeds our daily driving.”

“I had a Level II charger installed in our garage, which allows me to charge at home with low-cost Penlight power. Even if I’m very low on my battery, the Level II charger brings it back to 100% by the morning.”

PenLight power has also enhanced the couple’s lives in other ways.

Man with electric bicycle nearby a dock platform
Photo credit: Jim and Vivian Bellamy

“We love riding our bikes again,” Vivian says, “Electric bikes give you all the benefits of cycling, with a little extra assistance. The difference between riding an e-bike and riding a standard bike is the luxury of choice. It’s the boost we need to make riding easier, and often safer, in a variety of situations. We’ve come to love the sense of freedom that cycling—without having to avoid inclines—brings. It puts less pressure on aging knees and hips than even walking.”

To enhance PenLight’s knowledge, the co-op recently added a Chevy Bolt to our fleet of electric vehicles, which is helping us grow in the EV sector and accommodate our members as interest in EVs and charging equipment expands. We look forward to enhancing PenLight’s EV opportunities. Stay tuned!

For more information, continue to reference our Lights Newsletters and visit the Electric Vehicle Info page.