electric vehicle and electric bicycle
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Electric Vehicles and Bikes

At the direction of PenLight’s Board of Directors, PenLight is working to become our members’ trusted advisor on electrical vehicles and similar technology. PenLight members are taking advantage of myriad low-cost, reliable energy services. Jim and Vivian Bellamy from Vaughn shared their experiences with us. “We are so glad we bought an EV, and I […]

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A Message from the CEO, Jafar Taghavi

2019 proved to be a very successful year for Peninsula Light Company – but the year didn’t quite start out according to plan. It wasn’t long into the year when a historic winter storm impacted our area with record-breaking snowfall (Snowmageddon). Considering the extreme weather conditions, PenLight’s electric system responded well, our crews and staff […]

Stormy sky
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Get Ready for Storm Season

Winter storms in Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula can run the gamut from driving rain to sleet, snow, ice, blowing winds or any combination of these. While PenLight’s vegetation management and undergrounding programs help protect the reliability of our electric service, it is still important to be prepared. Below are a few tips from […]

solar panels in Washington
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Net Metering And Renewable Credit

Renewable Energy On The Peninsulas Dreary, cloudy Washington? It’s really not that dreary. During the summer months especially, the region enjoys considerable sunlight. Thanks to all that sunlight and the PenLight net-metering program, you can build energy credits in the summer and use them during our darker months. Solar panels also operate more efficiently in […]

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Don’t Wait, Activate!

As the seasons change, don’t forget to update your info and opt in for outage text reporting. We have made great strides in our ability to keep your lights on, but as storm season rolls in, there will be times when your service may be affected. Opting in to our outage texting program is simple […]