A phone scammer is once again targeting small business owners in the Gig Harbor area. The caller impersonates PenLight, stating that the member’s account is delinquent and power will be disconnected unless a payment is made using a prepaid card.  If you question or resist, he politely declares that your power is on a timer and and is scheduled to be shut off unless immediate payment is made.

Fortunately, recently targeted businesses have not fallen prey to this scam, as they are aware that PenLight would never ask any of its members to make a payment over the telephone using a prepaid card or credit card.  Members with delinquent accounts receive an advance disconnection notification included with the regular monthly bill – never a single notification shortly before disconnection.

If you suspect someone is trying to scam you, hang up and call our Member Services department at 253-857-5950 for further assistance. Never dial the phone number the scammers provide.