Why Conservation?

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Energy services are evolving. More utilities rely on energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy—such as solar and wind—to meet future load growth. In addition, Washington state requires electric utilities to pursue cost-effective energy-efficiency measures in their service territories. PenLight has long been at the forefront of this effort. Thousands of members have participated in our conservation programs to reduce the use of energy in their homes and businesses. PenLight is committed to continue this effort to keep our power affordable and reliable.

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council was created in 1980 by Congress to develop strategic energy plans for Northwest utilities every five years. The current 7th Power Plan provides a road map to continue meeting the energy requirements of the Pacific Northwest, including our communities on the Gig Harbor and Key Peninsulas. As part of our strategic planning, we develop a 10-year comprehensive conservation plan and update it every two years. This plan outlines the programs we offer. Funding for the programs are provided by the Bonneville Power Administration.

In the Northwest, energy efficiency is the second-largest power resource, saving consumers about $3.75 billion per year on electricity bills and lowering annual carbon dioxide emissions by 22.2 million tons per year.

Powered by CleanDiesel

clean diesel logoIn alignment with PenLight’s efforts to support renewable and clean choices, we now use renewable diesel to power our trucks. Clean diesel is the new generation of diesel technology. Today’s cleaner diesel fuels, advanced engines and effective emission controls combine to achieve near-zero emissions for fine particles and smog- forming compounds like such as oxides of nitrogen. Along with supporting a healthy environment, PenLight's use of clean diesel will also help improve engine efficiency and keep fleet maintenance costs down.