We Need Access to Your Meter

Meters are vital equipment for the PenLight system and help to supply your home with electricity. To maintain optimum functionality, there are times when we need access to it in order to test, repair, or upgrade the meter. As announced earlier this year, PenLight’s Meter Upgrade Project is underway and you can expect PenLight staff to be in your neighborhood in the coming months to replace your meter. We ask you to please keep the area surrounding your meter free of debris and vegetation to eliminate any issues or delays in these processes.

Worker standing next to a meter in someone's backyard.Here are some simple tips:

  • Please clear the area around your meter of debris, stored materials, and vehicles.
  • Especially in the summer, frequently trim any plants growing near your meter and the pathway to it.

And a few reminders:

  • Please keep pets away from your meter area. We ask that you notify us if you have a dog for security purposes.
  • If you have a locked gate, please provide us with a key or code.
  • Ensure your address is visible from the street.

We appreciate your time and consideration in ensuring access to your electric meter is clear for PenLight staff. To learn more about PenLight’s Meter Upgrade Project visit our Meter Upgrade page.