Since the invention of the telegraph in the 1840s, linemen have kept communication and power flowing throughout our country.

At PenLight, our linemen and women have a long history of ensuring that both Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula are connected by nearly 1,000 miles of electrical line. Each year, we take the opportunity to thank our nearly 40 line crew members.

“Over the history of our electric cooperative, linemen have provided invaluable support to help Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula become a sustainable place to live and work,” says Jafar Taghavi, CEO of PenLight. “We are proud to recognize that enduring dedication today.”

When a vehicle collides with a light pole or when the winds blow more than 38 miles an hour, there will be an outage, somewhere. Our linemen ensure power is restored. Looking to the future, when innovative, new technologies offer renewable sources of power, our PenLight crews will connect these to our homes and businesses. If you wish to thank a lineman, drop us a note at penlight@penlight.org, or leave us a message on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll be sure to pass along your good wishes.