Thank You, Member Services Team!

Our Member Services team receives about 4,500 calls a month. That’s a lot of conversations.

member services teamWhether starting service, paying your bill, making payment arrangements, or moving to a new residence or business location, our member services team is ready to help. Do you know that our team receives an average of 4,500 calls a month? That’s a LOT of conversations. During the first week of each October, we host a week-long tribute to our Member Services Representatives to celebrate their tireless commitment to all who call Peninsula Light Co.

“Every time an MSR, as we call them, answers the phone, the first thing that is said is ‘Thank you,’” said Jafar Taghavi, PenLight’s CEO. “We are grateful for the way each team member reflects our values of integrity, innovation, respect and dedication.”

During the past few years, so much has happened to help you manage your PenLight membership online. However, there are many issues that will always require the assistance of a member services representative. If you would like to recognize a member services representative who has gone above and beyond to help you, email your story to us at