Tacoma Power Henderson Bay Tower Project

Tacoma Power is replacing the towers and power lines that cross Henderson Bay and Burley Lagoon near Purdy. The 4 lattice towers in the water will be replaced with one steel pole, and the four lattice towers on land will be replaced with four poles.

While planning this project, Tacoma Power worked with a number of agencies to identify the fish and wildlife that could be impacted by construction, and set the timelines and approach to minimize our impact on them.

In-water construction set up will begin at the end of July, and the project is scheduled to be complete in late September.

Much of the work will be completed from barges in the water, with cranes for placing the new poles and removing the old towers. With construction work taking place next to the bridge, anticipate traffic slowdowns and possible lane closures on Highway 302 and Goodrich Drive.

Email HendersonBay@cityoftacoma.org with any questions or concerns.

For more information, Q&A's, and to sign up for project alerts visit Tacoma Public Utilities' Henderson Bay Project page.

Henderson Bay Tower Project Fact Sheet (PDF)