Surrounded by Water

child drinking a cup of waterWe are a water-centric community. While the Puget Sound provides an unparalleled recreational abundance of sea water, we cannot drink, cook, bathe or water our lawns with it. Quality of life in the peninsulas boils down to the continuous need for copious amounts of fresh, clean, healthy water. All of the water used on the peninsulas is drawn from the deepest aquifers under the peninsulas, which are fed by the ancient Cascade Range glaciers.

From large water purveyors down to individual well owners, we all draw from the same aquifer Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula comprise innumerable independent water systems of various sizes. It may come as a surprise to some of our electric members that in addition to electricity, PenLight also provides water services.

It began in 1996, when Pierce County contacted Peninsula Light Co. to discuss the scarcity of water service companies in this area. The board of directors met and decided that this was definitely a quality of life issue for the community that needed to be addressed.

“Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, cost effective drinking water through experienced, professional management and prudent resource stewardship that is available to Penlight members,” Signo Uddenberg, president of the board of directors said.

Thus, the PenLight Water Services department was created, initially comprised of two employees and three water systems. Today, Water Services employs three full-time, certified water technicians and two full-time office staff to manage and operate 117 systems for over 3,000 water customers. “When you turn on your tap, you expect the water to be pure, healthy and tasty," said Jafar Taghavi, CEO of PenLight. "That is why we work hard to deliver water that meets or exceeds all state and federal health standards.”

For more information or to request services, call PenLight Water Services at 253-853-1357.