Save Money with a Heat Pump


8 months out of the year, the biggest expense on your electric bill comes from heating your home. But you can save energy—and money—by  upgrading to an energy-efficient heat pump.

heat pumpHeat Pump Conversion

If you have an electric forced-air furnace and convert to a high-efficiency heat pump, you may be eligible to receive a $1,000 PenLight rebate.

Heat Pump Upgrade

Members who replace an existing heat pump with one that qualifies as energy efficient—or add a heat pump to a system with natural gas, oil, or propane backup—are eligible to receive a $400 PenLight rebate.

Going Ductless

For homes with baseboard heat, wall heaters, electric radiant heating, or an old electric furnace, a ductless heat pump can heat and cool your home more efficiently. Conversion to a qualifying ductless system may make you be eligible for a $1,000 PenLight rebate. Both site-built and manufactured homes can qualify.

How Do I Qualify?

To qualify, the new heat pump system must be the primary heating source for the home, be high-efficiency, and be installed by a qualified participating contractor. Contractors are required to submit all projects for approval upon completion of work.

For more information about additional programs or contractors, visit our Energy Efficiency page.