PenLight Outage Map Viewer

mapPenLight’s new Outage Map is now live! It displays current outages and real-time electrical system status from our operation’s dispatch center. To access the map, go to the “Power Outages” button and then click the “Outage Map” link from the left-hand menu.

The outage map overview provides information on the number of outages, number of meters out of power, number of calls to notify our system, the location of outages and if a crew is on its way. It also displays predicted and verified outages. A predicted outage indicates that members have reported an outage but we have not yet confirmed the outage cause or location. Once PenLight’s service crew arrives, they verify the cause and location on their customized iPad, which feeds updates to the outage map in real time.   

For quick access to the outage map from your smart phone or tablet, you can save the link to your home screen. Instructions vary according to cell phone and browser. If you need help, try an online search on “how to add a website to home screen” with the name of your specific smartphone or tablet.

  • To minimize the overview and zoom into the street level, click on the small arrow located at the upper left side of the menu bar Individual homes and business is not displayed.
  • A construction hat icon indicates a crew has been assigned to an outage
  • To view the outage details, click the outage and a dialog box will appear with detailed information, including the estimated time of restoration. This is updated periodically as repairs are underway.

By the end of 2017, a link to the outage map will be embedded in PenLight's Twitter and Facebook outage posts. This will be an automated process. During major storms, we will continue our current practice of creating current outage information posts on our utility social media pages.