PenLight Certified as 98% Fossil Fuel-Free

To comply with Washington State Law (RCW 19.29A), Peninsula Light is required to report its annual fuel mixture information by generation category, meaning the sources of electricity you use. We file this report with the Department of Commerce, reflecting the previous calendar year’s fuel mix. We are happy to tell you that nearly all of the electricity provided to Peninsula Light members in 2016 was certified as carbon-free.

For 2016, the report shows that about 80 percent of PenLight’s wholesale electric purchases from the Bonneville Power Administration came from hydropower. Wind power—a qualifying renewable energy source under the Washington State Energy Independence Act (I-937)—represents 7 percent of the fuel mix. Slightly more than 10 percent of our fuel comes from the Columbia Generating Station, a nuclear power plant in south-central Washington. We are happy to report that only 2 percent of our power comes from fossil fuels, including coal (1 percent) and natural gas (1 percent). For more details, visit the Power Resources section.