OMS/Automation at PenLight

graph showing quartile performance with the trend increasingReliability is not just about storm-proofing.

After updating infrastructure, investing in overhead-to-underground conversion of power lines, end-of-life replacement of direct buried cables, and targeted wire installation. PenLight decided to further enhance reliability by investing in intelligence in the field, with goals to isolate and reroute power to minimize outages.

Technological advancements allow PenLight to go beyond traditional means of managing a power system by integrating more intelligence on the grid. By replacing old equipment with smart communications-based technology, PenLight’s system redirects power automatically. This means power outages are mitigated and minimized even before our crews respond.

Additionally, PenLight incorporated geographic information system mapping and created an outage management system, which allows members to easily report outages and eventually monitor them via a member-interfacing outage map.

By implementing advanced technology, PenLight responds to requests faster while eliminating user error. Improving operational efficiencies works from the inside out.