Now is the Time to Seek Help On Past-Due Bills

Are you behind on your power bill? Have the struggles of the past year left you worried you may never catch up? Everyone is on unfamiliar ground right now and asking for help after a year of struggle can be difficult – PenLight is here for you.

On September 30, Washington state is set to lift its moratorium suspending electric service disconnections.

As your local power provider and neighbor, we can often help with past-due bills in a variety of ways:

  1. Assisting in signing up for PrePay
  2. Creating a payment plan
  3. Checking your eligibility for Project Help, our payment assistance program
  4. Connecting you with programs or community partners that assist with late bills, household budgeting, and offer direct financial support

Please call PenLight at (253) 857-5950 or Pierce County Human Services Arrearage Program at (253) 798-8700 to learn more about your options.

We here at Peninsula Light Company, owned by members and here to serve members, are ready and available to help. Neighbor helping neighbor is the cooperative way. It is our way.