National Clean Energy Week

September 21, 2020 to September 25, 2020

National Clean Energy Week is an annual week-long celebration of clean energy innovation to help raise awareness of nuclear, solar, wind, wave, hydropower, geothermal, natural gas, biomass, carbon capture, storage, and waste-to-energy technologies. The celebration is made possible by a network of clean energy leaders dedicated to reducing emissions while growing the economy through smart policy and technological innovation. Learn more by visiting the National Clean Energy Week website.

PenLight is committed to providing reliable, clean energy to our members. PenLight’s recent fuel mix report shows that 80 percent of PenLight’s wholesale electricity purchases from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) came from hydropower. We are fortunate to have abundant hydro resources to generate electricity. Hydropower produces zero carbon emissions, helping us provide clean energy to homes and businesses.

One clean energy innovation gaining popularity is Electric Vehicles (EVs). The Pacific Northwest is an ideal place to own an EV as most of our power comes from hydroelectric and other renewable energy resources. That means that when you drive an EV you are replacing your fossil fuels (gasoline and diesel) for energy coming from hydro, wind, and in some cases solar power.

Electric vehicles use batteries as an energy source, without relying on any other fuel. EVs do not directly emit any exhaust from combustion or associated contaminants and greenhouse gasses. Therefore, they are categorized as zero-emissions vehicles by the Environmental Protection Agency. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), on the other hand, have both a battery that powers an electric motor, and an internal combustion engine that relies on gasoline or diesel.