Monitor Your Energy Use with MyMeter

Want To Know How Much Electricity You Used Yesterday? Last Week?

mobile devicesMyMeter is a free web-based service from PenLight that allows you to track and chart your daily energy use. Members who log in to their PenLight account can see their use for each day and monitor the days of the week they use the most energy. MyMeter helps take the mystery out of your electric bill.

With MyMeter, you can:

  • View a graphical representation of daily and monthly use
  • Compare your monthly use to the average PenLight household
  • Set markers to note energy-efficiency upgrades. For example, when you buy a new appliance, mark the date and MyMeter will track how much energy you save
  • Take an energy challenge and set a savings goal. A challenge lasts for six months and can track your results in both graphic and tabular fashion
  • Chart your energy use for two weeks, one or three months, or one or two years
  • Chart daily outside temperature against your energy use—low, average, and high temperature
  • Save your energy use data to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Send high use alerts to your email address
  • Set your use in dollar amounts or kilowatt-hours