Meter Upgrade Project Updates

meterIn March, PenLight announced plans to install upgraded equipment to replace our current meters in 2020. The project was temporarily delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but installations will begin in July.

Our existing meters and infrastructure are reaching the end of their life cycle and require replacement. Upgraded meters are equipped with modern technology and will allow members easier access to energy use information and provide better outage notification, enabling more efficient power restoration.

PenLight is among many electric cooperatives leading the industry in upgraded metering deployment. According to an analysis by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, 70% of co-op meters now use upgraded technology.

The upgraded meters bring members many new benefits over time. To learn more about these benefits and about the project as a whole, please visit our Meter Upgrade Project page.

As part of this upgrade, PenLight crews will remove your existing meter, which will interrupt the power to your home for a few minutes. While you do not need to be present for the meter exchange to take place, you can help by making sure there is a clear path to access your meter. We will notify you prior to installation. PenLight staff will identify themselves from a safe distance and have informative materials available by request.

As this project unfolds, our members’ interests are our top priority. Updates about installation and other project details will be available in future newsletters and on PenLight’s social media outlets. A section of our webpage is devoted to project information, FAQs, and an installation map that will highlight when current and future area meter installations are taking place.

If you have additional questions, please contact member services at (253) 857-5950, email, or visit our Meter Upgrade Project page.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about PenLight’s Meter Upgrade Project and hope you share our excitement about bringing modern technology to our system and members!