Looking for More Info on Electric Vehicles?

electric vehicleThinking about getting an electric vehicle (EV)? Maybe you’re just interested in learning more about the technology of electric vehicles and how they work. Whatever the reason for your interest, one thing is certain: the appeal of electric vehicles is gaining momentum. To provide members with the most accurate and up-to-date information concerning EVs, PenLight has recently launched a new section of PenLight.org dedicated solely to electric vehicle information.

By visiting our Electric Vehicle Info page, members can find a range of information concerning EVs. Learn why they are a smart transportation choice and the benefits of driving an EV. Facts about the different types of EVs are available, as well as information on vehicle range, the number of miles an EV can travel before the battery needs to be recharged.

Members can calculate how much they can save in a year by switching to an EV, and compare CO2, or carbon emissions for gas and electric cars. The site includes performance attributes and model information, searchable by price range, charge time, manufacturer and efficiency.

If you’ve been curious about EVs, or are seriously considering the purchase of an EV, visit our Electric Vehicle Info page and see what all the buzz is about.