Help Your Neighbors by Donating to Project Help

Project Help is about neighbors helping neighbors, right here at home.

During the winter, many living expenses go up and often make it difficult for families who are struggling to make ends meet, let alone stay warm. You can help.

PenLight's Project Help program helps income-qualifying families with up to $200 of support each year. The program provides funds through a partnership with Key Peninsula Community Services to offset costs for those who need assistance with their electric bill.

3 Ways To Contribute

PenLight members can donate to help their neighbors in one of three ways:

  • One-time gift.
  • Recurring monthly donation.
  • Rounding up your bill each month to the nearest whole dollar (about $6 per year.)

Our goal is to encourage 3,000 of our members to sign up for the Project Help campaign. You can learn more by visiting our website, or by calling our Member Services department at (253) 857-5950.