Give Double the Warmth to Your Neighbors Through Project Help

grandfather and his grandson walking together on the sidewalkLast Fall, PenLight members Jane and Tom (not their real names) faced a drastic lifestyle change. The retired couple—who live on a fixed income—were awarded custody of their grandchildren. Health issues prevented the children’s parents from caring for them, and their grandparents would not allow them to be separated in the foster care system. However, making ends meet for their expanded family has been a challenge.

Though our regional economy is on the rise, many of our members struggle with personal crises. For example, last year the Children’s Home Society of Key Peninsula and Gig Harbor experienced a staggering 54 percent increase in requests from local families for help with regular expenses.

We can help. The best part is, PenLight will match your donations, dollar for dollar.

Our Project Help program is designed to assist income-qualifying families with up to $200 of support each year to offset their electric bill. It is especially important during the winter, when higher living expenses make it difficult for families who struggle to make ends meet, let alone stay warm.

Program Benefits

Last winter, about 600 local families throughout Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula stayed warm and kept their lights on through Project Help. Every dollar goes to help your neighbors in need. PenLight does not deduct any administrative costs. All of your contributions are tax-deductible.

Choose How You Contribute

PenLight members can donate to help their neighbors in one of three ways:

  • A one-time gift.
  • A recurring monthly donation.
  • By rounding up your bill each month to the nearest whole dollar.

The Project Help Round-up campaign is the newest way members can contribute. On average, those who enroll will only add about $6 to their annual bill. Those donations can go a long way to help neighbors who sometimes have to choose between food and heat.

Our goal is to encourage 10,000 of our members—one-third of our membership—to sign up to help our neighbors through the Project Help program. You can help by visiting Project Help, or by calling our Member Services department at 253-857-5950.

Contact us today to learn how you can give the gift of warmth and light to your neighbors in need this winter.