Don’t Wait, Activate!

As the seasons change, don’t forget to update your info and opt in for outage text reporting. We have made great strides in our ability to keep your lights on, but as storm season rolls in, there will be times when your service may be affected. Opting in to our outage texting program is simple and will equip you with the quickest form of communication to let us know your power is out. Here’s how it works:

  • Call 253-857-5950 to make sure your cellphone number is included on your account
  • From your cellphone, text “penlight” to 85700
  • You will get a request to confirm your service address
  • Follow the directions to confirm your address, and you will be enrolled for outage texting
  • Save 85700 in your phone’s contacts as PenLight’s outage texting number

Once enrolled, you will be able to report an outage with the following steps:

  • If your power goes out, text the word “out” to 85700
  • You will receive a response that asks you to confirm your service location
  • Reply with “A” for “yes,” or “other” for a different address
  • Once you respond, your outage will be reported, and you should receive a confirmation reply

You can opt out of the outage texting program at any time by sending the word “stop” to 85700. For additional assistance, call Member Services at 253-857-5950.