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MetersPenLight's Meter Upgrade Project

At PenLight, providing reliable service is our top priority. The purpose of PenLight’s Meter Upgrade Project is to upgrade all 33,000 electric meters throughout our service territory. Existing meters are reaching the end of their life cycle, and require replacement. Upgraded meters will provide members with a number of additional benefits outlined below.

PenLight has been a trusted provider and asset to the  community for over 94 years. We strive to provide our  members with reliable and affordable service they deserve. Crews will begin installing the upgraded meters in late 2019.

Look for more information and updates in future "Lights" newsletters.

Benefits of Upgraded Meters

Improved Timing

Sends electric consumption data to PenLight and the existing MyMeter member portal already available at our website.

Improved Power Quality

Notifies PenLight variances in voltage and other line conditions, which will maintain a more reliable power distribution system.

Improved Response Time

Locates issues and outages faster, and more accurately, to help restore electric service.

Improved Member Service

Provides clear usage information and allows members to setup and receive personalized alerts via MyMeter. Allows Member Services to request instantaneous reads for opening and closing of accounts, verification of readings for high bill research and more.