4Questions4: PenLight Water Department

Worker in safety jacket looks at water equipmentCan you Provide Water Service to my Property?

First we need to determine if the property is in the vicinity of an existing water system owned or managed by Peninsula Light Co. If yes, we must see if connections are available on that system and, if so, decide if a line tap or line extension is required to serve the property.

Do you do backflow testing and how do I schedule a test?

Yes, PenLight provides this service for a fee. PenLight’s certified testers will ensure your assembly is working properly and meets the requirements set by the state of Washington. They can also install new assemblies and repair or replace existing ones if necessary.

Why is my water brown?

Naturally occurring minerals such as manganese and iron can build up inside of pipes. During periods of high water use these minerals can break off and cause discolored water. Water systems are flushed to help prevent the effects, although the flushing itself may initially make the problem worse. Running a few taps for 15 to 20 minutes should clear up the water in your individual lines.

Why has my water bill spiked?

You may have a leak. To check, first make certain there is no water being used in or outside your home. Check the water meter. A spinning dial indicates a leak. If you have a shutoff valve to your house you can isolate the leak by turning off the valve. If the meter still spins the leak is outside.

For more information or to request services, call PenLight Water Services at 253-853-1357.