2021 CEO Annual Report to Members

As a Peninsula Light member, you can count on one thing: PenLight is here for you no matter what. This commitment is rooted in everything we do. We continually look for opportunities to positively influence our members’ quality of life.

As COVID-19 continued to impact our country, our industry, and our members, PenLight crews and staff went above and beyond to provide assistance. We successfully implemented a COVID-19 response plan that protected the safety and well-being of our employees and members. I’m happy to report there have been zero work-related COVID-19 infections or exposures at PenLight.

As effects from the pandemic remain, PenLight works diligently to connect financially impacted members in our community to Project Help—our utility bill assistance program. In 2021, the PenLight board generously increased funding. I am proud to say the program helped more than 400 families pay their electric bills.

Members also came together to help their fellow community members by increasing their contributions to our annual bill “Round-Up.” This campaign directly contributes to Project Help funding. We are blown away by the generosity our membership has exhibited and are grateful for their donations.

Another way PenLight improves our members’ quality of life is by providing reliable and affordable power. We endeavor to uphold this responsibility by keeping pace with technology advances and evolving community needs.

PenLight’s Meter Upgrade Project deployed meters with upgraded technology that helps detect, isolate and restore power faster. Whether you work, teach or learn from home—or simply appreciate that power is available when you need it—these innovations provide you with more reliable service and help us operate more efficiently. As we look to the future, PenLight will continue to explore more ways to benefit our community in this ever-changing environment.

As your nonprofit cooperative, our core purpose is to help our members satisfy the human demand for continually improving their quality of life. We were delighted to receive a near-perfect score in overall member satisfaction on our recent biannual member survey. We are here for our members and they are here for us. For that, we thank you!

On behalf of PenLight, and my entire team, I wish you a healthy holiday season and a happy new year.