2020 Energy-Efficient Holiday Decorating Tips

With the holidays approaching, the excitement of home decorating begins. Cutting back on energy use is an easy way to save money this season. Below are some energy-efficient holiday decorating tips.

Buy LED Lights

december lightsIncandescent holiday lights are inefficient. Even when carefully stored, these light strands often emerge only half-lit and are then tossed in landfills. This year, save a bundle by replacing them with ENERGY STAR certified LED light strands. In addition to using 70% less energy than traditional bulbs, they are brighter, eco-friendly, and safer, because they are much cooler than incandescent lights.

Up to 24 strings of LEDs can be connected end to end without overloading a wall socket. They last 10 times longer, have no filaments or glass to break, and costs are similar to the age-old standard. If you prefer white lights with the look of incandescent lights, look for “warm” white on the label.

Limit Hourly Use

Set timers for lights to automatically turn on when it gets dark, and off in the middle of the night, depending on your preferences.

Creative and Reflective Decorating

By getting creative with your lighting display, reflective ornaments and tinsel can multiply your shine and glimmer. Don’t forget ribbons, wreaths, garland, and reflective menorahs for electricity-free age-old traditions that still bring holiday cheer.