2020 CEO Annual Year Report to Members

As a Peninsula Light member, you can count on one thing – PenLight is here for you – no matter what the storm looks like. This commitment is embedded in everything we do, and we continually seek more opportunities to improve our members’ quality of life.

This year came with many unpredicted challenges. As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly impacted our country, our industry, and our members, PenLight crews and staff went above and beyond to help. We successfully implemented a COVID-19 response plan, protecting the safety and well-being of our employees and members. Staff also acted immediately to assess the intense need for financial support, temporarily suspending disconnects for nonpayment and halting late payment fees - even before Gov. Jay Inslee made the request.

Under the direction of the Board, PenLight initiated a robust Project Help campaign, reaching out directly to members experiencing financial hardship. Project Help funding generously increased, the program period was extended, and the application criteria expanded to assist as many members as possible.

I am proud of our team – they worked diligently to contact members financially impacted by the pandemic and successfully helped over 1,100 families pay their electric bills.

Our Meter Upgrade Project was also affected by the global pandemic. We experienced some difficulties and delays, but the persistence of PenLight staff proved successful. Despite postponement of the project start date, meter upgrade installations are more than 50% percent complete and we anticipate meter replacements to be finished by the first quarter of 2021.

Along with other local community groups, PenLight adjusted meetings to virtual settings, holding our first-ever call-in Annual Meeting, allowing our members to participate even though social distancing guidelines prevented us from meeting in person. Also, through the pandemic, we were delighted to continue sponsorships and fulfill donations to our partner community organizations. Working together will continually benefit the community during this unpredictable time.

As we look to the future, PenLight continues to hold our member’s and community’s best interests at heart -- you can always rely on our commitment to help our members, especially during times of uncertainty

On behalf of PenLight, and my whole team, I wish you a healthy holiday season and a happy New Year.