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Scammers target area businesses again

A phone scammer is once again targeting small business owners in the Gig Harbor area. The caller impersonates PenLight, stating that the member’s account is delinquent and power will be disconnected unless a payment is made using a prepaid card.  If you question or resist, he politely declares that your power is on a timer and and is scheduled to […]

2015 Fuel Mix Pie Chart
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PenLight certified 97% fossil fuel-free

In 2015, about 85% of PenLight’s wholesale power purchases came from BPA hydropower, while 9% came from the Columbia Generating Station, a nuclear power plant in south-central Washington, and 3% came from our Harvest Wind project. Only 3% came from fossil fuels (2% was coal and 1% natural gas).  Find more detailed information at

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Reliability Update

For nearly a decade, Peninsula Light Co. has focused on updating or replacing aging infrastructure to improve the service you receive at your home or business. Soon, that will change. PenLight has invested about $6 million per year since 2007 to solidify service reliability. That’s when CEO Jafar Taghavi was hired, and his direction was […]


Technology update will bring more automation

The electric utility system today looks very similar to what Edison and Tesla envisioned, except Tesla’s Alternating Current (AC) won out over Edison’s Direct Current (DC) system. During the past 20 years, utilities started to deploy system intelligence to improve the operation and maintenance of the grid. In 1998, Peninsula Light Co. installed a Supervisory […]