Worker standing next to a meter in someone's backyard.
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We Need Access to Your Meter

Meters are vital equipment for the PenLight system and help to supply your home with electricity. To maintain optimum functionality, there are times when we need access to it in order to test, repair, or upgrade the meter. As announced earlier this year, PenLight’s Meter Upgrade Project is underway and you can expect PenLight staff […]

Hydroelectric dam
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The Basics of Hydroelectric Dams

Hydropower has existed for a long time. Before hydroelectric dams, people harnessed the energy from flowing water to turn water wheels and power basic machinery. With the introduction of electricity, people applied this same concept to spinning turbines to generate energy, and the hydroelectric dam was born. How does a hydroelectric dam work? Dams create […]

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Meter Upgrade Project Updates

In March, PenLight announced plans to install upgraded equipment to replace our current meters in 2020. The project was temporarily delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but installations will begin in July. Our existing meters and infrastructure are reaching the end of their life cycle and require replacement. Upgraded meters are equipped with modern technology […]

Solar panels on a building
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Final Year of State’s Solar Production Incentives for Legacy Program

In 2005, a production incentive was established in the state of Washington as part of the Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Legacy program. It was for homeowners, businesses, and local governments that installed solar and wind generation. In 2009, the program was expanded to include Community Solar Projects where a group of participants contribute money to […]

Man putting an empty ballot in election box
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PenLight Annual Meeting and Election Results

Peninsula Light Co. has nine directors on its board. Each year, three seats are up for election. This year, incumbents Marc Jorgenson, Scott Junge, and Roger Spadoni ran for reelection. Candidates selected by the election committee to run against incumbents were Gregg Lovrovich, Dan Merkle, and Anne Shoemaker. Any qualified candidate can submit an application […]

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2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING May 6, 2019 The 94th annual meeting of Peninsula Light Co. (PLC) was held at company headquarters on May 6, 2019. President Signo Uddenberg established that a quorum of 12% had been met. He announced that the notice of the election and the annual meeting had been published in the Lights Newsletter, […]