Hydroelectric plant
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Resource Plan

Under the Electric Utility Resource Plans Law, RCW 19.280, PenLight is required to submit a resource plan every two years to the Washington Department of Commerce. The long-term plan forecasts PenLight’s loads for the next five and 10 years, and describes the resources it plans to use to serve those loads. DOC reports this data […]

PenLight Clean Energy car at a gas station.
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The Power to Be Evolutionary

With increasing interest from car shoppers across the United States, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular. Dozens of makes and models now on the market and it’s getting easier to choose an electric car for your next vehicle purchase. In Washington, there are over 50,000 EVs on the road and more are added every […]

PenLight truck powered by diesel.
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National Drive Electric Week

Saturday, September 26, through Sunday, October 4 Powered by Clean Energy During National Drive Electric Week we would like to raise awareness of the many benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. They are fun to drive, less expensive, and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, better for the environment, […]

PenLight Clean Energy car on the road.
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National Clean Energy Week

September 21–25, 2020 National Clean Energy Week is an annual week-long celebration of clean energy innovation to help raise awareness of nuclear, solar, wind, wave, hydropower, geothermal, natural gas, biomass, carbon capture, storage, and waste-to-energy technologies. The celebration is made possible by a network of clean energy leaders dedicated to reducing emissions while growing the […]

Worker standing next to a meter in someone's backyard.
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We Need Access to Your Meter

Meters are vital equipment for the PenLight system and help to supply your home with electricity. To maintain optimum functionality, there are times when we need access to it in order to test, repair, or upgrade the meter. As announced earlier this year, PenLight’s Meter Upgrade Project is underway and you can expect PenLight staff […]

Hydroelectric dam
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The Basics of Hydroelectric Dams

Hydropower has existed for a long time. Before hydroelectric dams, people harnessed the energy from flowing water to turn water wheels and power basic machinery. With the introduction of electricity, people applied this same concept to spinning turbines to generate energy, and the hydroelectric dam was born. How does a hydroelectric dam work? Dams create […]