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Celebrate National Clean Energy Week & National Drive Electric Week in September

National Clean Energy Week is September 20 to 25. The annual weeklong celebration of clean energy innovation helps raise awareness of nuclear, solar, wind, wave, hydropower, geothermal, natural gas, biomass, carbon capture, storage, and waste-to-energy technologies. The celebration is made possible by a network of clean energy leaders dedicated to reducing emissions while growing the […]

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Meter Upgrade Project a Success!

Achieving top quartile status in reliability is something PenLight is proud of, but the work does not stop there. PenLight’s primary responsibility to its members is to seek the best and most cost-effective solutions to maintain reliability. When the need arose to replace our aging meters, PenLight initiated its biggest project yet: the Meter Upgrade […]

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OMS/Automation at PenLight

Reliability is not just about storm-proofing. After updating infrastructure, investing in overhead-to-underground conversion of power lines, end-of-life replacement of direct buried cables, and targeted wire installation. PenLight decided to further enhance reliability by investing in intelligence in the field, with goals to isolate and reroute power to minimize outages. Technological advancements allow PenLight to go […]

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PenLight’s Reliability

Here’s a quick look at how Peninsula Light Co. evolved from one of the least reliable electric utilities in the region to one of the most reliable and technologically advanced utilities in the nation in less than 20 years. Years ago, recognizing that service reliability was not meeting our members’ expectations, the PenLight Board of […]

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Energy Savings for Your Business

Locally owned businesses are the backbone of the community. With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to make sure your building is equipped for maximum energy savings. LED lighting for your business allows you to maintain your preferred brightness levels while keeping energy costs low. Don’t forget about your outdoor lighting options […]

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Affordable Electricity Powers Quality of Life

Most of us use electricity—either directly or indirectly—at almost all times. Because it is so abundant and available with the simple flip of a switch, it is easy to take for granted. According to the Energy Information Administration, the typical U.S. household uses more air conditioning, appliances, and consumer electronics than ever before. The average […]

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Hydro Flows Here

Hydropower played an important role in the early development of the region, and it remains the backbone of the Northwest’s clean energy economy. Because of its inherent flexibility, hydropower has helped integrate newer renewable energy resources into the grid, while ensuring the reliability of the power system through all conditions. If you are a resident […]

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Keep Cool

How to control your energy bills when it’s hot outside Though we yearn for the warm, sunny days of summer, when the first heat wave hits we are scrambling to lower the rising temperatures that creep indoors. Here are a few tips to help you keep cool this summer without driving up your electric bill: […]