Meter Upgrade Project a Success!

Posted: August 1, 2021, 7:00 am

Penlight worker replacing meterAchieving top quartile status in reliability is something PenLight is proud of, but the work does not stop there. PenLight’s primary responsibility to its members is to seek the best and most cost-effective solutions to maintain reliability. When the need arose to replace our aging meters, PenLight initiated its biggest project yet: the Meter Upgrade Project.

Last year, as our metering equipment reached its end of life, PenLight replaced the meters with technologically advanced equipment, providing additional efficiencies for members.

The new system:

  • Locates issues or outages faster and more accurately, helping us restore service more quickly.
  • Sends electric consumption data to PenLight and the existing MyMeter member portal, more quickly than current meters.
  • Notifies PenLight of variances in voltage and other line conditions, helping PenLight maintain a more reliable power distribution system.
  • Provides clear usage information, allowing members to set up and receive personalized alerts via MyMeter.

As your member-owned cooperative, PenLight is proud to announce this project is complete. Thank you to all of our members for your support.

Meter Upgrades Q&A

Penlight worker with new meterPenLight created many forms of communication to members when we launched our Meter Upgrade Project. One of them is a webpage dedicated to the upgrade project. It includes project information, an interactive area map that updated as meters were installed, and a list of frequently asked questions.

Now that meter upgrades are complete, Christy Iverson, PenLight’s Meter Upgrade Project Manager and Director of Member Services, reflects on how the new meters benefit members:

How do the upgraded meters add value to members?

PenLight is able to identify outages immediately. This allows us to dispatch faster for quicker restoration. We can also provide more energy usage information through our existing MyMeter application for members to view and manage.

How do the upgraded meters add value to the service PenLight provides?

We are just getting started! With added information from the meters, we are determining the many ways we can continue to improve reliability. We have created multiple internal processes regarding high/low voltage information, which enables staff to identify issues with transformers that need to be upgraded or resized to provide better service. We have also made upgrades to infrastructure equipment including substations, power lines, and field-related tools that all increase efficiencies. All of this will provide better service to our members and provide more information for PenLight to continue to improve our system.

How do the upgraded meters improve internal efficiencies?

For billing purposes, we receive instant meter readings, which allows us to adhere to billing schedules for timely billing. Instant reads for move outs allow for final bills to be generated immediately for the requesting member. Also, fewer truck rolls to read meters means saving the cooperative and members money, and allows our metering staff to work on other member services or issues.