Effective November 2017

$100.00 Membership Fee 
Peninsula Light Company, a Mutual Corporation, is a non-profit organization that is owned by its members and governed by an elected Board of Directors.  All new services must be covered by a membership. The membership fee is refundable, provided there are no outstanding bills, if the member leaves the PenLight service area.

$15.00 Account Setup Fee
There is no charge for owners of rental properties to reestablish service.

$25.00 Prepay Account Setup Fee 
Establishes Prepay service for owners or tenants.

$4.00 Prepay Monthly Charge 
This charge is in addition to the regular monthly service fee.

$25.00 Service Call Fee 
Door tags delivered for non-sufficient funds, past due balances, pending CT disconnects and membership payments.

$100.00 Reconnect Fee (during business hours) 
Reconnects made between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. This includes field and remote reconnects.

$100.00 On-Site Collection Fee 
In lieu of disconnection and in addition to the full balance.

$30.00 Returned Check Charge 
Applied to accounts when a check is returned due to “stop payment,” “non-sufficient funds,” or “account closed.” This fee may also be charged for declined credit card payments.

$10 or 4% Late Fee 
Past due balances over $10.00 will incur a late fee of $10.00 or 4%, whichever is greater, over all classes of service.

$250.00+ Meter Tampering Charge 
Meters that have been tampered with or altered, including an unauthorized meter, illegal wiring, or any other device or means used to prevent the accurate metering of electric use. This is in addition to recalculated or prorated bills for the estimated unmetered energy.  Members will be charged for ALL overhead costs, including time and materials. Fees will escalate incrementally by $250 for each incident for this member). This includes contractors accessing PenLight equipment without authorization.

No Charge for Meter Test 
Members are allowed one meter testing per year, excluding the first year of the meter’s life. If the meter tested is found to be fast by more than 2%, the customer’s bill will be adjusted and no fee will be charged.

$100.00 Additional Meter Test 
Members who request an additional meter test within one year of a previous test will be charged $100.00.  If the meter is found to be fast by more than 2%, the customer’s bill will be adjusted and no fee will be charged.

$240.00 Opt-Out Option
If a member requests that the communication module within their meter be disabled so that automatic meter reads no longer occur, a one-time “Opt-Out” fee will be charged at the time the unit is disabled. (See opt-out meter reading fee below).

$100 Monthly Opt-Out Meter Reading Fee
If a member opts out of automatic meter reads (see Opt-Out Option above), our personnel must visit the property monthly to read the meter; therefore, a monthly meter reading fee of $100 will be charged to recover that cost.