How do I go back to monthly billings?

There are 2 options that will qualify you to return to monthly billing:

  • You must pay off your debt in full and pay a deposit (twice your highest bill)
  • You can choose to pay off your debt and maintain prepay service for 12 months without a disconnect
What happens to my debt?

When you establish your prepay account, your total debt is set aside to allow you to continue service and avoid a deposit. With every payment made, 25% is allocated toward paying off your debt until it is paid in full.

How do I get my service reconnected?

If your service is disconnected for a negative balance, you must pay enough to bring your account to a positive balance before electric service is reconnected. Once a sufficient payment is made, your service should be reconnected within an hour.

Prepay: How and when will I be notified if my balance is low?

You have 4 options:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Automated phone call
  • Or all of the above

The following notifications will be sent to you:

  • Low balance at 7 days, 3 days, or 1 day of remaining power
  • Daily balance notifications
  • Negative balance and pending disconnect
  • Payments and adjustments
What fees will I be charged?

There is a monthly prepay service fee of $4 that is prorated on a daily basis. However, there are no more late fees, collection fees, or reconnect fees.