What size wire should I run for my service?

The meter base size determines which size service conductor you need to purchase. Typical service conductors include: Service Rating    Maximum Distance     Conductor 200 amp              220 feet                       4/0–4/0–2/0 Aluminum (1 run) 200 amp              250 feet                       250–250–3/0 Aluminum (1 run) 200 amp              340 feet                       350–350–4/0 Aluminum (1 run) 320 amp              220 feet                       4/0–4/0–2/0 Aluminum (2 runs) 320 amp           […]

If the power lines in my area are being converted from overhead to underground, do I have to convert (underground) my overhead service to my house?

No. However, we are currently offering incentives to encourage our members. We will provide the necessary conduit and wire, and we will waive the trip fees if the service is converted within six months of our system conversion in your area. Members are responsible for hiring an electrician, providing the trench and arranging any necessary permits […]