Will the Meter Upgrade Project raise my rates?

No, this project did not drive any changes in rates. Any changes in rates will not be driven by this program. Today, all metering related expenses are captured in our ongoing budgets.

How long will it take to upgrade all of PenLight’s meters?

The meter upgrade deployment is anticipated to begin in 2020 with a target completion date of late 2020/early 2021. Timeline and updated information will continue to be published throughout the project to keep our members up-to-date with progress.

What are the benefits of upgraded meters?

Upgraded meters sends electric consumption data to PenLight and the existing MyMeter member portal, more quickly than the current meters. They will also notify PenLight of variances in voltage and other line conditions, which will help maintain a more reliable power distribution system. Meters will be able to locate issues or outages faster, and more […]

How do the upgraded meters work?

Upgraded meters will send usage data to PenLight on a daily basis over Verizon Wireless’ Grid Wide Network, in a form similar to a text. The meter will collect data and send the information to PenLight. Daily reads will be available to members on PenLight’s current tool MyMeter (visit www.penlight.org to sign up).

What are upgraded meters?

Advanced meters support a variety of services that allow you more flexibility and control of your utility use and costs and help us operate more efficiently by helping restore service quicker and reduce the length of outages and system emergencies.