Prepay: How do I go back to monthly billings?

There are two options that will qualify you to return to monthly billing: You must pay off your debt in full and pay a deposit (twice your highest bill), or You can choose to pay off your debt and maintain prepay service for 12 months without a disconnect.

Prepay: What happens to my debt?

When you establish your prepay account, your total debt is set aside to allow you to continue service and avoid a deposit.  With every payment made, 25% is allocated toward paying off your debt until it is paid in full.

Prepay: How do I get my service reconnected?

If your service is disconnected for a negative balance, you must pay enough to bring your account to a positive balance before electric service is reconnected. Once a sufficient payment is made, your service should be reconnected within an hour.

Prepay: How and when will I be notified if my balance is low?

You have four options: (1) email, (2) text, (3) automated phone call, or (4) all three.  The following notifications will be sent to you: Low balance at seven days, three days, or one day of remaining power Daily balance notifications Negative balance and pending disconnect Payments and adjustments.

Prepay: What fees will I be charged?

There is a monthly prepay service fee of $4 that is prorated on a daily basis. However, there are no more late fees, collection fees, or reconnect fees.

When will my account be billed?

We have four billing cycles depending on the substation you are fed from. Week one = Gig Harbor,  Week two = Narrows and Artondale,  Week three = Minter, Lodholm and Purdy, Week four = Vaughn and Lakebay.