Receive the benefits of clean, renewable wind energy for your home or business

Through our partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s Renewable Option Program, you can affordably purchase the environmental benefits of wind power generated throughout the Pacific Northwest. BEF’s Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Option Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) represent renewable energy sources from Pacific Northwest projects where clean zero-emission wind energy has been delivered to the North American power grid to replace fossil fuel based electricity.

Each block of Renewable Option RECs represents the environmental attributes of 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity generated from wind energy facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

You can purchase as many REC’s as you want by clicking the link below. BEF will charge you a modest fee for your Renewable Option REC purchase and will deliver you proof of purchase identifying your specific product supply by email. Your Peninsula Light account and monthly billing will NOT be affected by your purchase.

For more information or to purchase REC’s: BEF’s Renewable Option RECs for residential or business