Contractors participating in PenLight’s Heat Pump Rebate Program will be familiar with which models will best suit your house and qualify for rebates. Consult with your contractor or PenLight before installation if you have any questions about qualifying for a rebate.

Performance Specifications for the Air Source Heat Pump

To be eligible for PenLight’s Heat Pump Rebate, new heat pumps must have ratings equal to or greater than the  SEER 14  /  HSPF 9.0

Duct Sealing is now eligible as a stand-alone rebate. It is NOT required for the Conversion or Upgrade rebates.

Peninsula Light Co. will not rebate any Gas or Oil heating systems as “Conversions”. Only those projects that convert electric furnaces to High Performance heat pump systems will be considered as “Conversions”.

All other systems that include upgrades or additions of high performance heat pumps and that meet program standards will be eligible for an “Upgrade” rebate.

All projects submitted to Peninsula Light Company under the Heat Pump Rebate Program must meet the Bonneville Power Administration criteria in order to be eligible for the program incentives. All systems must be commissioned and submitted by the Contractor to the PTCS website for approval.

The Heating Contractor must provide all of the following to PenLight in order to qualify:

  • Purchase Invoice
  • AHRI Certification Form
  • Heat Loss and Balance Point Calculations
  • PTCS Heat Pump Commissioning Form completed by contractor
  • PTCS Duct Sealing and Testing Form completed (If applicable)
  • PTCS Verification from PTCS website

The costs for PTCS Testing and Commissioning vary depending on the size of home.

The vast majority of PTCS tested, commissioned, and sealed systems will pass and qualify for the Heat Pump rebates. Yet due to the variances in ductwork design and system installation practices, PenLight offers NO guarantee that a tested system will pass. Paying for and having work performed on your ductwork does not insure certification.

Please allow 6–8 weeks for arrival of heat pump rebate check.