Save Energy with a Ductless Heat Pump

A ductless heat pump system can save you money on your electric heating and air conditioning costs. PenLight members may qualify for a $1,200 rebate!

A ductless heat pump is an energy efficient primary heating and cooling system. It is safe, quiet, and heats rooms evenly at a fraction of the cost of baseboard or wall heaters. Also, it does not require duct work, which eliminates maintenance and concerns about duct leakage.

Why Upgrade to a Ductless Heating and Cooling System?

  • Monthly savings on your electric bill
  • Increased comfort year-round
  • Heating and cooling in one system

To qualify for the $1,200 rebate:

  • Existing primary heat must be: electric resistance baseboards, wall heaters, plug-in heaters, or an electric forced-air furnace.
  • Must be installed by a licensed HVAC contractor in an existing single family site-built home, manufactured home, or a condo (up to 4 units). New construction does not qualify.
  • Only one ductless heat pump rebate per residential meter.

The list below includes qualified licensed HVAC contractors most commonly used by PenLight members for installations. Other licensed and bonded contractors may be qualified as well. We recommend getting several estimates and asking for references.

Contractor List

For more information, call 253-857-5950 or send an email to our energy specialist.