Ductless Heat Pump Incentive – $1,200

A ductless heat pump delivers all year long. In winter, it keeps you warm. In summer, it keeps you cool. And as far as monthly bills are concerned, a ductless heat pump delivers by using half the energy. So, if you’re ready to go ductless, we’re ready to help.

A ductless heat pump is an energy efficient primary heating and cooling system. It is safe, quiet, and heats rooms evenly at a fraction of the cost of using baseboard or wall heaters. Also, it does not require duct work, which eliminates maintenance and concerns about duct leakage.

Ductless heat pump incentive requirements:

  • Existing primary heat must be: electric resistance baseboards, wall heaters, plug-in heaters, or an electric forced-air furnace.
  • Must be installed by a licensed HVAC contractor in an existing single family site-built home, manufactured home, or a condo (up to 4 units). New construction does not qualify.
  • Only one ductless heat pump incentive per residential meter.

HVAC Contractors participating in PenLight’s heat pump incentive program will be familiar with which models will best suit your home and qualify for incentives. Consult with your contractor before installation if you have any questions about qualifying.

The HVAC contractor list below includes qualified licensed HVAC contractors most commonly used by PenLight members for ductless heat pump installations. Other licensed and bonded HVAC contractors may be qualified as well. Meet with contractors to consider your heating and cooling options and review your multiple estimates received.

Ductless Heat Pump Contractor List

For more information, call 253-857-5950 or email to our energyspecialist.


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