Peninsula Light Co. offers Net Metering and Renewable Energy Credit to customers who  generate their own electricity. These options apply to the following systems of 100 kilowatts or less in generating capacity:

  1. Solar Systems
  2. Wind Systems
  3. Small Hydro Systems
  4. Fuel Cells
Photovoltaic Modules

Net Metering & Interconnection

Net Metering enables excess electricity generated by the member-owned generating system to be credited to the member’s bill at the same rate they are charged for electricity.

PenLight’s Net-Metering Interconnection Policy requires that members submit the Interconnection Agreement and Application, a Solar One Line (example PDF) and component cut-sheets before they connect their renewable generating system to the PenLight electrical distribution system. If the renewable generating system is larger than 100 kW or has battery backup, the application will be reviewed by our Operations Department, which may add additional time to the interconnection approval process. Once PenLight reviews and approves the Application, the member may proceed with the installation. Upon receiving the final L&I permit, PenLight will install the Net-meter and Production Meter so that the member-owned generating system is interconnected to the utility’s distribution system.

Net Metering & Renewable Credits 101

Renewable Energy System Incentive Program Update

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