Electric vehicle charging
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Why Should I Buy an Electric Car?

Lower-Cost Operation EV operation can be 3 to 5 times cheaper than gasoline and diesel-powered cars, depending on your local gasoline and electric rates. Reduced Emissions EVs also reduce tailpipe emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, improving public health and reducing ecological damage. Charging your EV on carbon-free or renewable energy minimizes these […]

Indoor air vent
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5 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average person spends 90% of their life indoors. Additionally, our homes are becoming more energy efficient — they’re better insulated and sealed with less ventilation — which is great for our energy bills, but not so much for our indoor air quality. The thought of breathing in pollutants can […]

Inside room with large windows
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Window Incentives

Comfort Ready Home is a partnership between utilities and Bonneville Power Administration that helps communities become more energy efficient, healthier and more comfortable through home weatherization, HVAC and water-heating upgrades. If you’re a homeowner looking to make a smart investment in your home’s comfort and energy savings, Comfort Ready Home has tools and resources at […]

Lower Snake River dam
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The Value of the Lower Snake River Dams

Hydropower is a renewable energy resource created by the energy of falling water. Gravity forces water to flow through specially equipped hydroelectric dams to produce carbon-free and inexpensive electricity that provides the Northwest with nearly 90% of its renewable energy. In 2020, the 31 Federal Columbia River Power System dams located around the Pacific Northwest […]

person watering plants outside
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Water Conservation Season Is Here

Tips for Saving Water Warm weather has arrived and water use has increased. This increase is primarily from landscape irrigation. In an effort to minimize the peak demand on the water systems, consider saving water in the following ways: Go to the car wash. Washing a car at home can easily use 100 gallons of […]

traffic cones next to bucket truck on road
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Slow Down, Move Over

With nicer weather and longer days comes the opportunity for more road and construction work. Projects like these include improving roadways, installing traffic changes, and maintaining or updating infrastructure. Due to the increased road activity these projects cause, it is a time for drivers to be alert and respectful to workers and crews. Linemen and […]

Graphic of home with walls removed to see inside
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Home Comfort Upgrades

Energy-efficiency upgrades can make your home more comfortable while lowering your monthly utility bills. There are options for every home and budget, from simple projects to comprehensive whole-home solutions. Check out some of the most effective energy-efficiency upgrades below, then visit Comfort Ready Home’s Homeowners page to learn more, find contractors near you and connect […]

Peninsula Light Co. A Mutual corporation since 1925. The power to be...
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Save Energy, Save Money

Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month If you’re looking to add smart technology to your home, consider smart plugs. Smart plugs are inexpensive and can be used to control lighting and other electronic devices through a smartphone app. With smart plugs, you can conveniently manage lighting, home office equipment, video game consoles and more. By […]