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National Electrical Safety Month

Electricity has become such a necessary part of our lives we tend to take it for granted, but using it safely is vital. Home electrical fires and accidents are the cause of death or critical injuries in the United States each year. According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 51,000 electrical home […]

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Tree Trimming Improves Service for All

The Gig Harbor area and surrounding peninsulas are fortunate to have so many trees that offer natural beauty, shade, and a habitat for all sorts of birds and other wildlife. At PenLight, we strive to balance maintaining beautiful surroundings and ensuring a reliable power supply by keeping power lines clear in rights-of-way. A row is […]

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The Power Behind Your Power

Lineworker Appreciation Day is April 18, 2022 From the powerplant through the grid—both above and underground and right up to your meter—lineworkers build and maintain the system that keeps our nation running. The job these men and women do is demanding, essential, and often done in challenging conditions. This month, we celebrate Lineworker Appreciation Day […]

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Dams: One Structure, Many Benefits

Managing Flood Risk & Protecting Communities During years with rapid snowmelt or extreme rains, river flows can damage and even destroy surrounding areas. An example of that destructive power is the Vanport Flood of 1948. The Columbia River rose to more than 23 feet above flood stage, and the levees failed. The flood killed at […]

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Annual Meeting Announcement

At PenLight, your vote matters. Each year, as part of a member-owned cooperative, you have the opportunity to vote in the election for the board of directors and attend the annual meeting, where the election results for three open seats are announced. PenLight is governed by our members. Those who are elected to the board […]

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Interested in Solar? Let’s Talk!

Peninsula Light Company is committed to helping our members find affordable, reliable, and safe energy options. Q: Is rooftop solar a good option for me? A: Maybe. How much you might benefit from a residential solar array depends on: How much you pay for electricity How much energy you use Your roof State and local […]

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PenLight Board of Directors Election

The 2022 PenLight Board of Directors election voting period is March 28 to April 25. Members can expect to receive an envelope in March from Survey & Ballot Systems on behalf of PenLight, including the ballot, annual meeting notice, and candidate bios. This is a separate mailing from your monthly PenLight bill. Please complete the […]

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Vote for the PenLight Board of Directors

At PenLight, your vote matters. Because PenLight is an electric cooperative, member-owned and operated, the democratic process allows members to vote in the annual cooperative board election. As a cooperative, we encourage members to voice their thoughts and ideas. You have the opportunity to vote in the board of directors’ election and attend the annual […]